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We live in a world where many things go online because a lot of things can be done over the Internet today. People even buy products or services online. The presence of the Internet gives many benefits, but it also introduces us to new types of fraud. Somehow, it doesn’t mean that we should stop using the Internet altogether. Businessmen, especially those who use the website to run their business online add SSL Certificates to secure system. Best SSL Certificate installation is aimed to secure communication between the web servers and web browsers. With this digital security, website visitors trust the security matter of your website.

Unfortunately, not all people know what SSL Certificate is. They are even not aware of security threats like phishing and data theft. Internet users should recognize signs of secure websites before deciding to input personal information on a website. The following are common signs of a secure website.

Presence of HTTPS

HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP since “S” stands for Secure. It ensures secure communication between a server and the browser of users. HTTPS seems like the simplest way to recognize if the website is secure. Why some websites come with HTTPS while others still have HTTP? If the website is secured with the best SSL Certificate, HTTP turns to be HTTPS. Go to find a trusted company that offers quality SSL Certificates which are issued by reputable Certificate Authority, such as Entrust. A website that loads over HTTPS is secure because it encrypts data users before sending it to a web server.

Valid Contact Information

A genuine business always has valid contact information written on its website. This is another way to recognize whether a website is secure or not. Contact information usually contains physical address and contact number of the business. Speak with someone who runs the site to verify the validity of the contact information you find on the website.

Secure Payment Seal

Do you often visit a website that asks you for financial information? If you simply answer yes, make sure that the site has appropriate seals showing standard it has complied with. This seal is issued by a security standard compliance group after a company puts proper security procedures and tools to secure their website.

Clearly Defined Policies

Nowadays, a privacy policy is a must for the website. Clearly defined policies are another sign of a secure website. Not only that, it belongs to a genuine website. The policy outlines what the website owner does with the data collected. In addition, return policy must also complete privacy police so you be sure to choose a website for shopping online.

No Warning by Your Browser or Antivirus

Companies like Google, Mozilla Foundation, and Microsoft have done a lot of work to build smart features in their web browser and antivirus programs. These features work to warn people about the insecure website in advance. Web browser notifies warnings if there is something unsafe about a website. Google marks “not secure” for websites without HTTPS. This also becomes another reason why SSL Certificate installation is important for any website.

Product Rating System

Your guide to select the best product

At SSLCerts, we always try to satisfy our customers, so we rate our products for you. First of all, we list the product based on their type/category of the certificate. Then we make a color code to make interpretation easier. Finally, we make a rate for the products in each category based on some SSL factors, features, and benefits.

Rating Factors :

  • Brand Power/Recognition
  • Encryption Strength
  • Issuance Speed
  • Site Seal
  • SAN
  • Reissuance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Licenses
Categories Color Code
Domain Validated (DV) Certificates
Organizational Validated (OV) Certificates
Extended Validated (EV) Certificates
Wildcard Certificates
Multi-Domain/UCC Certificates
Code-Signing Certificates
Anti-Malware Products