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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is popular since people use it as a digital security option. Those who start to know or at least hear about TLS or Transport Layer Security may ask if TLS is better than SSL. Actually, TLS is the latest version of SSL. Unfortunately, this is not as popular as SSL. When you need certificate digital Indonesia, you can ask your provider either you can keep on using SSL Certificate Indonesia or install TLS.

Know More about TLS

Somehow, it will be better to know more about TLS (Transport Layer Security) before you make a final decision in selecting a digital certificate. TLS provides end-to-end security of data sent between applications over the Internet to ensure that hackers and eavesdroppers are unable to see what you transmit which is useful for sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. Even though people more familiar with TLS used for web browsing security, you can choose TLS which can be used to secure email, documents, and applications. Entrust is known as Certificate Authority (CA) that issues email and document certificate. Find out the provider that works with that CA to get your certificate installed properly, so you won’t experience an error SSL Certificate.

TLS evolved from SSL which was originally developed by Netscape Communication Corporation in 1994. TLS is also known as SSL 3.0. Your installed TLS doesn’t secure data on the end system. It works only to ensure data security delivery over the Internet to avoid possible eavesdropping of content.

What will happen if you don’t install TLS? Sensitive information including logins and passwords, credit card details, and personal details can be gleaned by third parties for criminal purposes. With a proper SSL installation, you can also monitor browsing habits, e-mail correspondence, online chats, and conference calls. Third parties can’t view and read data transmitted between server and visitor’s browser because TLS encrypts data with secure algorithms.

Good news about TLS is that recent versions of most web browsers support the use of TLS. It means that you can choose TLS when you need a solution to SSL Certificate Indonesia.

How TLS Works

TLS uses a combination of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. Symmetric cryptography lets data encrypted and decrypted with a secret key known to both sender and recipient. You can use either 128 or 256 bits in accordance with your needs. While asymmetric cryptography uses key pairs: the public key and private key. A public key is used to encrypt plain text to convert it into ciphertext. Private key is used by the receiver to decrypt the ciphertext to be able to read the message. The minimum key length between public and private keys is 1024 bits.

TLS installation lets the client connecting to server validating ownership of the server’s public key. It is usually done using an X.509 digital certificate issued by Certificate Authority. Make sure that you will never use TLS, by which certificate is issued by yourself. Certificates issued by Certificate Authorities are compatible with all major of browsers. You can install TLS to show your credibility so visitors and customers can trust your brand. Aside from that, they trust that you pay attention to the security of their data.

Product Rating System

Your guide to select the best product

At SSLCerts, we always try to satisfy our customers, so we rate our products for you. First of all, we list the product based on their type/category of the certificate. Then we make a color code to make interpretation easier. Finally, we make a rate for the products in each category based on some SSL factors, features, and benefits.

Rating Factors :

  • Brand Power/Recognition
  • Encryption Strength
  • Issuance Speed
  • Site Seal
  • SAN
  • Reissuance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Licenses
Categories Color Code
Domain Validated (DV) Certificates
Organizational Validated (OV) Certificates
Extended Validated (EV) Certificates
Wildcard Certificates
Multi-Domain/UCC Certificates
Code-Signing Certificates
Anti-Malware Products