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Best Way to Show Website Security Indicator

The term of SSL /TLS Certificate still sounds unfamiliar even to those who run businesses online. Online businesses may promise high income. Unfortunately, data theft threatens every single day and still becomes a big problem in today’s digital security. If your website is vulnerable to data theft, you will experience the worst condition, namely you lose visitors and customers.

SSL/TLS Certificate provides a reliable security solution. You can show every Internet user that your website is safe because of the data encryption performed by best quality SSL/TLS Certificate. Installation of SSL/TLS Certificate will secure every transaction on your website.

With a wide selection of SSL/TLS Certificate products, you can secure domains and sub-domains with one certificate or secure them with one certificate each.

You can compare all products of SSLCerts in order get an SSL/TLS Certificate that meets your digital security needs.

  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

    Extended Validation (EV) is the highest quality certificate and has a Green Bar feature. Due to the high level of security and encryption, the certificate validation process is quite strict. The authentication and validation process requires company documents. The certificate is issued in 7-14 days.

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  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificate

    Organization Validation (OV) Certificate is a certificate with high quality assurance. For each validation process, this type of certificate needs complete set of requirements, such as company legality. Usually, the certificate is validated in 3-7 days but depends on how quickly the user gives a response including completing the requirements.

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

    Domain Validation (DV) is a type of SSL/TLS Certificate that has the easiest and fastest validation process. Only by showing proof of ownership of the domain to be protected, the certificate will be issued within minutes. All you have to do is approve your email domain registrant.

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Single/Basic Certificate

    Single or Basic SSL/TLS is a Single-Domain Certificate, a digital security protocol that works to secure the process of data exchange on the Internet, especially websites. Data will always be encrypted if you use quality SSL/TLS Certificate so that hackers do not have the opportunity to retrieve the personal data of visitors.

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Multi-Domain Certificate

    Multi-Domain Certificate is designed for the security of multiple domain names (FQDN) at once in one SSL/TLS Certificate field. With this certificate, you can easily manage multiple domains with one certificate. This certificate is also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communication (UC).

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  • Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate

    Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate is a type of SSL/TLS Certificate that can be used to secure all sub-domains that exist in several different main domains. You can choose this type of SSL/TLS Certificate that is either validated with Domain Validation (DV) or Organization Validation (OV).

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Code Signing Certificate

    Code signing is made for the digital security purpose, especially executable applications such as desktop and mobile applications. This prevents unauthorized party to make any change after the application is released. Code signing also becomes an application publisher’s identity to avoid error or warning notifications.

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  • Wildcard Certificate

    Wildcard Certificate has the ability to overcome the security of several sub-domains. Certificate Authority (CA) usually issues SSL/TLS Certificate with a common name (CN) * .namadomain.com. You can secure as many sub-domains as you need without any limitation. 

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Document Signing Certificate

    Document Signing Certificate is SSL/TLS Certificates that are specifically designed for security needs of company identity and the company’s email and important documents. Any sensitive information that you send and receive becomes safer so you no longer need to worry about your true identity.

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

  • Website Anti Malware

    A virus from malware can attack the computer system of your website visitors which is certainly dangerous and annoying. By using the right tools, you can avoid malware, but make sure you choose the tool from a well-known brand that has a trusted quality and reputation.

    Starting at $2.88/year. View Detail

Product Rating System

Your guide to select the best product

At SSLCerts, we always try to satisfy our customers, so we rate our products for you. First of all, we list the product based on their type/category of the certificate. Then we make a color code to make interpretation easier. Finally, we make a rate for the products in each category based on some SSL factors, features, and benefits.

Rating Factors :

  • Brand Power/Recognition
  • Encryption Strength
  • Issuance Speed
  • Site Seal
  • SAN
  • Reissuance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Licenses
Categories Color Code
Domain Validated (DV) Certificates
Organizational Validated (OV) Certificates
Extended Validated (EV) Certificates
Wildcard Certificates
Multi-Domain/UCC Certificates
Code-Signing Certificates
Anti-Malware Products