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These days, choosing an appropriate SSL Certificate is more challenging than ever for any website owner. With many Certificate Authorities and various types of SSL Certificate Indonesia products, you may not know which certificate to choose from. Also, users can’t be blamed for mistakes they might make when choosing one for their website. Some of them even find an error SSL certificate but don’t know how to fix it. Make sure you choose the trusted provider to get assistance, so the error can be fixed immediately.

Did you install an SSL Certificate? If you just plan to add a digital certificate Indonesia, then you must know SSL Certificate installation mistakes to never make.

Pre-installation Mistakes

First time SSL users are more likely to make these mistakes. There are many factors get involved such as certificate type, user’s properties, and Certificate Authorities tend to overwhelm beginners, so they make mistakes. The following are common pre-installation mistakes.

Choosing an Inappropriate Certificate

You need a digital certificate for digital security matters. However, this doesn’t mean that you can use what your friends use. Your website may have different requirements. If your website deals with sensitive information such as credit card details, you can’t use DV Certificate. The most recommended SSL Certificate type is EV Certificate since it has the highest security level with high encryption. It’s also featured with a Green bar which helps to boost confidence and trust of website visitors and customers.

Not Considering the Reputation of Certificate Authority

You can find a list of the bulk of Certificate Authorities easily. However, you should ensure that your choice is the best one. DigiCert, Entrust, Symantec, and Sectigo (formerly Comodo) are some of trusted Certificate Authorities in the world.

Ignoring the Compatibility Factor

SSL Certificate buyers must be aware of the configuration of their hardware and software. Check the compatibility of a certificate before you buy an SSL Certificate.

Mistakes Committed during Installation Process

Both new users and experienced ones might experience mistakes in this phase. Here are mistakes people often make while installing a certificate to their websites.

Fumble Between Installation Steps

Technical details involved in the certificate installation procedure may confuse users. To prevent making installation mistakes, you must follow every step very cautiously. It can be a good idea to choose SSL Tools and installation services offered by the provider.

Incorrect CSR Generation

CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request. You will ruin the entire installation procedure if you create an invalided CSR. The process depends on the software you use. Also, you must generate it carefully.

Not Checking the Newly Generated CSR

Perhaps, you don’t know what will happen if you don’t check newly generated CSR and don’t notice an error in your CSR. There is a tool that helps you do a CSR check.

Ignoring the Security for the Private Key

CA gives private keys to install on the user’s system. A private key is used to unlock online communication between web browsers and web servers. This key plays an important role in maintaining communication security.

Errors during Post-Installation

You install an SSL Certificate successfully, but it’s just half of the job done. You must avoid the following mistakes:

Not testing Installed SSL Certificate

As a certificate user, you must check your website after installing an SSL Certificate to confirm that the certificate is installed successfully. If you need a tool for this step, tell your provider when you buy the best SSL Certificate.

Forgetting Renewal Date of Certificate

Many people make this mistake while SSL Certificate plays an important role in securing sensitive data communicated through the Internet when people visit their websites. Renewing your certificate means keeping SSL works on your website. Then, you will not lose the trust of customers and website visitors.

Product Rating System

Your guide to select the best product

At SSLCerts, we always try to satisfy our customers, so we rate our products for you. First of all, we list the product based on their type/category of the certificate. Then we make a color code to make interpretation easier. Finally, we make a rate for the products in each category based on some SSL factors, features, and benefits.

Rating Factors :

  • Brand Power/Recognition
  • Encryption Strength
  • Issuance Speed
  • Site Seal
  • SAN
  • Reissuance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Licenses
Categories Color Code
Domain Validated (DV) Certificates
Organizational Validated (OV) Certificates
Extended Validated (EV) Certificates
Wildcard Certificates
Multi-Domain/UCC Certificates
Code-Signing Certificates
Anti-Malware Products