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Every website is at risk of security vulnerabilities although you already use a security solution. In this case, multi-level security is required. Then, those who run activities online tend to choose SSL Certificate installation as security solution. When talking about security vulnerabilities, malware attacks always become a big concern. To ensure that you will find the right solution to get rid of and to prevent malware attacks, you can choose anti-malware products.

What Is Anti-Malware?

In general, anti-malware software type developed to scan, identify, and eliminate malware (also known as malicious software) from an infected system or network. This software secures an individual system or entire business network from malicious infections which can get caused by a variety of malware. It can be deployed on the PC of an individual, a gateway server, or on a dedicated network appliance. If you are currently using SSL Certificate Indonesia, you can ask your SSL provider whether they provide anti-malware products and services.

Role of Anti-Malware

Malware term encompasses all forms of malicious software including spyware, viruses, Trojans, and worms. Anti-malware software provides protection against all malware classes. This means that you can prevent any type of malware. However, you should ensure that your anti-malware is the quality one that can provide the highest protection, so your devices don’t easily get infected. Your computer can be at increased risk of damage from malicious programs if you don’t use anti-malware software. You can choose software that works to detect and remove malware.

Scanning for Malware

Many anti-malware programs scan for threats using a database of malware. This database contains a virus definition. It gives details of specific malware or viruses do and how to recognize them. Once the program detects a file on the system that matches a definition, it flags that file as potential malware. Scanning using a database is known as an effective way of removing threats. Unfortunately, the process relies on regular updates in order to make sure that the program doesn’t miss out on the latest developed malware.

Heuristic Analysis

If you are seeking a database alternative, you can choose heuristic analysis. It allows anti-malware programs to detect threats that haven’t been discovered. This software identifies malicious software by its characteristics. Although it can work as anti-malware, it can increase false-positive risk when it gets compared to database scanning.

Malware Removal

You should remove malware detected on a system, right? This is another important thing of why you should invest in an anti-malware program. For your information, anti-malware program can delete threats as soon as they are detected. Somehow, some program is designed to cause further damage to your computer once it gets removed.

What Anti-Malware Software Should You Choose?

The choice of Anti-Malware can be depending on your needs. With many products available on the market, you can choose your desired product. However, the quality must be always a top consideration factor. It helps you do malware removal completely and won’t cause further damage to your computer. You can consider the program that can instantly update for the latest in anti-malware. Some programs may also have a feature that blocks every untrusted process running on an endpoint with a single click. You can also benefit from cloud scanners to provide real-time security verdicts for the unknown program.

Product Rating System

Your guide to select the best product

At SSLCerts, we always try to satisfy our customers, so we rate our products for you. First of all, we list the product based on their type/category of the certificate. Then we make a color code to make interpretation easier. Finally, we make a rate for the products in each category based on some SSL factors, features, and benefits.

Rating Factors :

  • Brand Power/Recognition
  • Encryption Strength
  • Issuance Speed
  • Site Seal
  • SAN
  • Reissuance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Server Licenses
Categories Color Code
Domain Validated (DV) Certificates
Organizational Validated (OV) Certificates
Extended Validated (EV) Certificates
Wildcard Certificates
Multi-Domain/UCC Certificates
Code-Signing Certificates
Anti-Malware Products